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Snapchat reaches 200 million users in India

This figure refers to monthly active users. This means that a whopping 27% of all Snapchat users live in India.

Youtube ends stories

After only one year, the feature is already history. YouTube comments:
"Nowadays there are many ways to create on YouTube: Community posts, Short, live and regular videos. In order to prioritize these features, Stories will be eliminated on 6/26/2023. Stories that are already live at that time will expire 7 days after the original sharing."

New glitch on Twitter: Deleted tweets visible again

Twitter currently has a bug that makes old, deleted tweets visible again, much to the annoyance of users. The selection of the "resurrected" tweets does not seem to follow a pattern; some are already several years old. Twitter's less than professional response to inquiring journalists: a "turd emoji".

Twitter Blue subscribers can upload 2-hour videos

All others only 140 seconds. This is intended to increase the quota of 0.3% of Twitterers who previously had a Twitter Blue subscription. Whether it helps is questionable.

YouTube brings non-skippable ads to TVs

The spots are supposed to last 30 seconds. On the one hand, this allows Youtube to reach a large number of viewers and thus be attractive to advertisers - and on the other hand, to annoy viewers.

Montana bans TokTok

Montana's governor declared that the "personal and private data of the people of Montana will be protected from the Chinese Communist Party. For every day that TikTok is still available after the ban comes into force, the operator company Bytedance is to pay a fine of 10,000 US dollars. Users will not be fined.
It is likely that Montana will serve as a test run for a ban throughout the U.S. and that there will be lawsuits against the law.

A quarter is tired of twitter

A Pew Research study shows that around 25% of active Twitter users do not expect to still be using Twitter in 12 months. Moreover, according to the study, it is precisely the most active Twitterers who have taken a break or tweeted significantly less since Elon Musk took over the platform.

Linda Yaccarino is the new head of Twitter

Elon Musk- of course- announced this via Twitter. The powerful advertising veteran has worked at NBCU Universal and the White House, and has had a major impact on the entire advertising industry. She is also chairman of the board of the World Economic Forum. Yaccarino is expected to lure the Fortune 500, the top-selling companies in the U.S. back to Twitter after Elon Musk scared many of them away.

Elon Musk has a successor

According to Musk, the mysterious lady will start her new job in six weeks - we are curious. Elon Musk himself wants to become Chief Technology Officer and drive product development. That could be even more interesting than the new boss.

LinkedIn only counts active accounts in statistics

Linkein explains the move this way: "To help members with more reliable insights into engagement and reach, restricted and dormant accounts will no longer be included in the total number of followers and connections on a member's profile. In the future, we will regularly update the number of connections and followers for all members accordingly. This is part of our effort to create a safe, authentic, and transparent user experience that provides a more accurate picture of our audience."

2 million Facebook Reels are shared every day.

Elon Musk threatens NPR

After NPR shut down its Twitter operations, Twitter's chief executive now wants to take the account elsewhere. Less than one percent of NPR's annual budget comes from the U.S. federal government through foundations, according to the company. Nevertheless, NPR was labeled as "funded by the government." The station group disagreed and suspended its Twitter activities in mid-April. The labeling was removed, but NPR remained silent. This, in turn, displeases Elon Musk, which is why he now wants to give the account to someone else.

Meta and TikTok facilitate connection between brands and creatives

Both Meta and TikTok have launched new initiatives to attract top creatives and connect them with affiliate marketing opportunities within their respective apps.

At Meta, a new video series aims to address myths and misconceptions creatives may have about Facebook and their potential opportunities in the app.

TikTok is working with a select group of creatives on a new program that connects brands with influencer content by allowing participating creatives to post videos based on a brand brief.

BookTok bestseller list at Leipzig Book Fair

Premiere: As part of the Leipzig Book Fair, the #BookTok bestseller list was officially presented for the first time. This demonstrates the direct influence of TikTok/BookTok on sales figures in the book trade.

Things are looking up at Facebook - a little

After months of setbacks, a 3% increase in sales in the last quarter means light at the end of the tunnel. However, the metaverse continues to gobble up millions and quarterly profit also fell by a drastic 24% despite the increase in sales.

TikTok works on image AI for avatars

TikTok is testing AI-generated avatars: Users simply upload a few photos and then select one of five styles. The AI then creates up to 30 avatars a day, which can be downloaded.

Twitter advertisers must pay verification

Elon Musk apparently wants to increase Twitter's subscription revenue by hook or by crook: As of today, the platform now informs all advertisers to sign up for "Twitter Blue" or for "Verification for Organizations" in order to continue placing ads in the app.

This means brands will have to pay $8 per month for a blue checkmark or $1,000 per month for the Verification for Organizations offering. Brands that already spend more than $1,000 per month will automatically get a gold checkmark. The Twitter Blue version costs only $8 per month, but offers virtually no benefits or protection against counterfeiting. It remains to be seen how the SMEs, which make up the majority of Twitter's advertisers, will behave.

Twitter removes all blue verification hooks

Instead, there are now golden checkmarks for brands: Twitter has awarded these new checkmarks to its 500 largest advertisers as well as to the 10,000 companies with the most followers in the app in order to increase the acceptance of the verification program for companies. So many brand accounts already have this new indicator of authenticity without paying for it. These companies can also assign blue checkmarks to their employees, which now appear in the app next to a small brand logo next to their username.

In addition, Musk has also given blue checkmarks to a number of prominent users, for which he allegedly pays "personally". However, not all of those covered by this find this good, as the purchased blue checkmarks have little value as a verification feature in the eyes of the users.

Microsoft removes Twitter from its social media management platform

Microsoft is removing Twitter as an option from its digital management platform that allows businesses to manage their one social media presence. This could lead many Microsoft Business Suite users to reduce their spending on Twitter ads.

Microsoft has not given an official reason for its decision, but it is believed that the move is related to Twitter's updated API pricing, which will significantly increase the cost of accessing the Twitter platform.

TikTok bans content that denies climate change

TikTok wants to take stronger action against misinformation on climate change. The platform is therefore banning all content that undermines the "established scientific consensus" on climate change and its effects. This means that TikTok is now on the same line as Pinterest and Twitter.