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The weblog services and LiveJournal launch and offer their users the possibility to write blogs, publicly viewable online diaries.


Open Diary




Online diary community launches: Users can write their own diary entries, create profiles, exchange information - for the first time with a comment function.

Robot Wisdom Weblog

Jon Barger calls his internet diary a "weblog" - the first to coin the term.


Benjamin Sun, Peter Chen, Grace Chang, Michael Montero and Calvin Wong launched AsianAvenue, a social network for Asian Americans, and successfully operated it from Sun's flat. lets users create their own profiles and friend lists.

AIM Launch

AOL's chat client launches under the name AOL Instant Messenger.


The messenger service ICQ sees the light of day.

Dan Pelson and Jane Mount found the teen community as part of Concrete Media. The platform offers chats, photo albums, message boards, internet radio, horoscopes, browser games, blogs, a messenger service and a club function that allows people with similar interests to share a message board. launches

The first search engine where users ask questions instead of stringing terms together launches:, today

A portal for all those who want to find their old school friends again and exchange ideas with them is launched:

GeoCities Launch

Yahoo GeoCities LOGOGeoCities is founded. A 1999 by Yahoo bought-up freehoster that offers free web hosting for website operators. For this, advertising windows have to be accepted since 1997, when more than 1 million people were already using the service. In 2009, the service was discontinued except for the Japanese services. At the time, 38 million people use GeoCities.

First Blog: Justin's Links.


By Rock1997 (wikipedia) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Students at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois developed one of the first graphical browsers and made the internet what it is now.

Tripod launch

Tripod started as a community for college students and young adults - now a provider of free homepages for private people and small to medium-sized businesses under the Lycos umbrella, formerly a search engine/web catalogue, now owned by marketing agency Ybrant Digital.